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There aren't many things we can confidently say are universal. Not even being obsessed with Keanu Reeves.  Music might be one of the only things that most people, no matter their background, feel connected to -- and yet, music is also deeply personal. 


We hope the musical guests on RMR will accomplish one of two things:  they bring you closer to your favorite music or help you discover something new.  We think many of the talented musicians on this show do both.  


Behind every song is a story. We'll capture the stories behind the songs in the artists' own words.  We hope you enjoy these artists as much as we do!  

Charlsey Crew.jpg
RMR, powered by Kansas City Limits, presents
The Nace Brothers!
Showcasing RMR's Elevator Pitch 
Bandits on the Run play live on 18 floor elevator ride

The National Anthem of Joy;
Casi Reflects on the Rally for the Chiefs
Blues Prodigy Brody Buster Brings Michael and Randy Into the Band

A Little Joke for the Folk (Festival)

Respect Your Elders!
Randy welcomes them back from retirement!
The Voice’s Casi Joy and KC’s Sarah Morgan: Angel in Montgomery Cover
The Voice’s Casi Joy and KC’s Sarah Morgan: Jolene Cover
Alanna & Alicia Folk Alliance 2015
The RMR Intro Song, "Bad Bad Man"
by Milkman Daddy
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