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The whole enchilada

All of the Randy you can handle, same amount of heartburn.

episode 91: Goofiest show ever!

Bill Farmer, the voice of Disney's Goofy, takes Randy and Michael on a walk! Don't miss the upcoming KC Film Festival's "Reel Spirit" showcase on Saturday, April 16th with Bill Farmer! Check out

episode 90: KC's radio rockstars

106.5 The Wolf's Roger Carson (and voice of Worlds of Fun) joins Randy Miller int he studio.  Rand and Roger that!

episode 89: film and television actor pj byrne

The Actor PJ Byrne (playing Scott Levitt) from the hit HBO series Vinyl asks Randy to compare the wild ride of Vinyl and his early years in radio. Created/produced by Mick Jagger, Martin Scorcese, Rich Cohen and Terence Winter, the HBO drama series Vinyl airs every Sunday night at 9:00 pm. Don't miss this rare peak behind record labels and radio.

episode 88: Your Saint Paddy's Day Survival Kit with Bob Reeder

The boys aren't exactly "clean and fresh as a whistle"! Get lucky and get your fill of shamrocks, shivers and shakers.

episode 87: Randy-Grams: Hot Air and Hot Heads!

Randy throws himself into the Tough Man Contest, then delivers bad news about a newly-built deck.

Episode 86: Folkin' Around at the Folk Alliance International 2016

Randy and Michael talk to Sara Morgan about her new single and bump into legendary singer/songwriter Eric Andersen.

Episode 86: Folkin' Around at the Folk Alliance International 2016

Episode 85: Lenexa Olympic Hopeful, Cam F. Awesome

Randy and Michael take the gold with USA boxer Cam F. Awesome. Also, enjoy a taste of the contagious new show featuring Hal Linden and Marian Ross at the New Theatre Restaurant!

Episode 84: Arguably the most talked about Christmas story in Kansas City history

Introducing Randy Miller and the Christmas Purse Lady.

Randy and Michael talk to KC's sassy Top Chef, Renee Kelly.

Episode 83: Top Chef

Episode 82: Holiday Show Special

Don't miss this year's dangerous toys list and the new holiday hit song, "Rockstar - Santa Claus."

Episode 81: Wold Series Special Edition with Al Fitzmorris

Episode 80: Royals ALCS Broadcast Like You've Never Experienced It!

Randy, Michael and the Royals cook the Blue Jays at the K!#TakeTheCrown

Episode 79: Off the Grid with Charlsey Miller

The Comedian Charlsey Miller joins the boys in the studio. Also, Breaking News - a likely new owner of the Country Club Plaza is on the show. Tune in now!

Episode 78: Randy Miller listeners.....are most of them in prison?

Episode 77: U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill talks about The Magic Uterus and her new book, Plenty Ladylike: A Memoir

The SAVE THE DATE: Sen. McCaskill will talk about her book and sign copies at 2 p.m. Aug. 16 at Unity Temple on the Plaza. Books will be available to purchase from Rainy Day Books for $26, which includes admission for two to the event.

Episode 76: Good Times with Actor John Amos

The boys talk to actor John Amos about his days with the KC Chiefs, his favorite KC barbecue, TV shows, movies and more!

Episode 70: Rolling Stones Saxophonist Tim Ries

Episode 71: Miss Kansas USA

Randy Miss Kansas speaks out for USA Pageant and blasts Donald Trump

involving Whole Foods, a talking moustache, and an angry white woman!

Episode 72: 3 of the funniest things about Randy Miller Radio....

Episode 73: The official Alex Gordon tribute tune and the most DANGEROUS rides at WOF!

Randy throws on a chem suit, Michael talks to actor Paul Rudd about the Royals, and debut the Illegal Alien National Amthem.

Episode 74: Randy Miller Shows his Royal Flush.

Special guest John Babb talks about his new book Orphan Hero.

Episode 75: If you think you know Westport now, let us take you back there circa 1849!

Rolling Stones saxophonist wails on the Randy Miller Show!

Episode 69: Tech N9ne

Randy Miller and Tech N9ne are dangerous in the studio together.  Promotions Director Nikki Vivas with Mix 93.3 has a near meltdown when she receives a prank call from Tech N9ne and Randy! 

Episode 68: Randy Miller - Black or White?

Special guest Rachel Dolezal finally reveals the real truth. Also, 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump has a new, spicy campaign song.

Episode 67: Filmaker Sharon Liese

Overland Park filmmaker Sharon Liese talks to Randy and Michael about finding magic and acclaim with her latest film 'The Gnomist'. Also a special guest personally impacted by the hit movie joins the show. 

Episode 66: World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion Harley Race Just Hospitalized

World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion Harley Race Just Hospitalized. Randy and Michael learn that special guest and 8 Time World Heavyweight Champion Harley Race is hospitalized. Harley's son Leland jumps in the ring with the boys.

Episode 65: Big Fur

Randy and Michael talk to local filmmaker Dan Wayne about his hairy new documentary.

Episode 64: You're welcome!

Randy and Michael help catapult some locals into stardom!

Episode 63: Comedian and Actor Ron Funches

From Ron's latest movie with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart to his 3rd season on NBC's "Undateable" (Tuesdays 9/8c), Ron tells Randy how to roll with the punches.

Episode 62: Grand Funk Railroad Lead Singer and Guitarist Mark Farner

Randy and Michael get up close and too personal with Rock Patriot Mark Farner.  The boys talk about their favorites such as "I'm Your Captain", "We're An American Band", "Some Kind of Wonderful", "The Locomotion", "Bad TIme" and Mark's new single "Take Me Out" (available now on iTunes).  Rock on!

 Look who's getting married!  Now we gotta find some music!

Episode 48: Wedding DJ

 It's Aloha Friday and Kumu Ramsay Taum talks about his work on and off the set of the CBS crime drama series Hawaii Five-0.  Other topics include alternative medicine and performing with Don Ho!

Episode 49: Hawaii Five-Oh!

 Randy and Michael celebrate National Record Store Day and tell you how to stab an airline passenger with a pen.

Episode 50: Randy Miller on the Record

 Randy and Michael interview a huge star from Outlander.  Also, local improv artist, Pearl MacFarland puts the guys through their paces.

Episode 51: The Outlander and the Outlandish

 Dream interpreter  Leah Morris, Director of the School of Metaphysics in Kansas City talks to the guys about their dreams of success and crushes them!   

Episode 52: Dream Reader

Riggle me this. Riggle me that. Who's afraid of the big black bat?

Episode 53: Michael's one-on-one interview with actor Rob Riggle

Under the mattress with Greg Crowley.

Episode 54: Secrets of Crowley Furniture

Charles "Chuck" Wells, Jr. Harvard Graduate and author of NNAOPP tells some of his peculiar encounters.

Episode 55: Nude Nuns and Other Peculiar People (NNAOPP)

Don't Miss Peter's New Hit Single!

Episode 56: A Randy Miller tribute to Bruce Jenner.... and her husband.

Don't miss the Miller Fiesta with "Fantasy Wives" and "Big Zig."

Episode 57: Cinco de Miller

There's 2 types of mothers we're told. Randy and Michael hear from their mothers, Jackie and Patty.

Episode 58: Special Mothers Day Tribute

Randy and Michael cover a lot of ground with KC's very own STRETCH, sculptor, artist, visionary restaurateur, entrepreneur, and TV personality. Check out some of STRETCH's bsites:, and or try to keep up with him on Twitter @STRETCHartist

Episode 59: Kansas City's STRETCH

Top survey says "cake" or "kumato"? The Miller family tries out for Steve Harvey's Family Feud game show. "Good answer, Randy!"

Episode 60: Miller Family Feud

Randy Miller, who also serves as co-host of the nationally-syndicated talk radio show, "The National Defense", talks about our military heroes and their families with Jerry Newberry, director of communications and public affairs of the VFW National Headquarters. Tune in every week!

Episode 61: Memorial Day Tribute

Chris Haghirian, epicenter of Kansas City's music scene, talks about the upcoming Middle of the Map Music Festival, Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson's recent trip together to KFC during SXSW in Austin and more!

Episode 41: Event Producer and The Bridge Radio Show Host Chris Haghirian

Toby reflects on the 2014 American League Champion Royals and prepares fans for opening day at the K just a few days away. Batter up!

Episode 42: Toby Cook, Royals VP of Communications and Publicity

Episode 43: Sidonie Garrett, Executive Artistic Director at Heart of America Shakespeare Festival

The Question: "Name 3 things during this episode that drive Randy NUTS?" (Including special guest, VFW's show producer Nate Herron)

Episode 44: The Answer from Miller the Magnificent: "Move The Needle, Non Sequiturs and Pass the Rock!"

 "Is Hallmark dead?  And has Roy Dean saved ride sharing in KC?  Also, Randy and Michael interview the biggest connection Kansas City has in March Madness...the creator of Shot Tracker, Daveyon Rice"

Episode 47: Sheriff Brownback

 Grab your pistol and saddle up with Sam!  Michael's exclusive interview with Governor and Sheriff, Sam Brownback!

Episode 46: Election Day with Clay Chastain

 Possibly his last light rail ride out of KC.

Episode 45: Miller Madness

Sidonie auditions Randy (Juliet) and Michael (Romeo) for Shakespeare- in-the-Park.

Randy and Michael weigh in on Saturday Night Live's recent controversial ISIS sketch.  Did SNL cross a line?

Episode 27: SNL Skit Controversy

Randy talks about a new reality television show called "Outlaw Country" from radio personality (and former Miller co-host) Kimberly Ray's hometown. WNG America's new original series is a real life ride-along with a street crew and the cops sworn to bring them down. Watch Tuesdays at 9P CST. Only in Buckner, Missouri!

Episode 28: Radio Personality Kimberly Ray

Ready to escape for Spring Break?  Randy reaches one of America's top-rated TripAdvisor experts, Coconut Patty, for some much needed travel advice! 

Episode 29: TripAdvisor Expert Coconut Patty

Randy picks up some great new listeners as he takes over the former 98.9 The Rock, dude!

Episode 30: Randy Miller Moves to the New 98.9 FM - The Tractor

The world's first commercially licensed radio station, KDKA in Pittsburgh, is getting ready to celebrate its 95th anniversary. Randy Miller talks about his early years djing in Pittsburgh including his special 4-hour show on KDKA just this past week!

Episode 31: Randy Left His Heart in Pittsburgh

Randy and Michael unpack their baggage at KCI.

Episode 32: Turbulence at KCI Airport

KCTV5's Gary Amble talks about his warm front and Randy reveals his fantasy wife.

Episode 33: KCTV5 Meteorologist Gary Amble

Sure, Randy has his April Fools moments, but hear what 2 girls from Raytown did toMichael!

Episode 34: Count Down to April Fools: What happened to Michael

Episode 35: "The Best of the far!"

Randy Miller's pod(cast) lands on Planet Comicon. Up close and out there!

Episode 36: Planet Randy collides with Planet Comicon

Maybe Miller needs to reach out to someone you know with a Randy-gram too! Let Randy know what he can do to help you by emailing him!

Episode 37: Help Miller help YOU with a Randy-gram!

Maybe From Kelly's in Westport to Waffle House in Hot Springs, Randy finds a couple of pots of gold!

Episode 38: What's at the end of the Ran-bow?

Join Randy and former Miller Morning Show promotions director Von Freeman relive the mob they created in downtown Kansas City and "walk through" other highlights!

Episode 39: Don't Mi$$ Randy Miller's Free Money Parade!

Randy Miller and former promotions director Von Freeman talk about their relief efforts to US troops and support of impoverished villagers.

Episode 40: The Randy Miller Show Makes International Headlines

On the heels of the Oscars, Randy talks about memorable movie premieres including Michael grabbing popcorn with the late Jack Valenti, longtime president of the Motion Picture Association of America. Also, Randy gives a breakdown of the stores he will miss the most from the closing of the Great Mall in Olathe, Kansas. Sing along to the new tribute, "This Grody Great Mall!"

Episode 21: The 4 M's: Miller, Michael, Movie Premieres and Mall Talk

Randy and Michael get a private concert by Nick Carswell at the Folk Alliance International Music Festival.  From Carswell and Hope's latest album, The Hunger, Nick performs "Drinking at Crossroads" and "Johnny's Sorry Lot."

Episode 22: Irish Singer/Songwriter Nick Carswell

With his dulcimer in hand, Randy Miller sets off to form a new folk band at the Folk Alliance International's multi-day music festival.  Grab a banjo or juice harp and listen in!  Randy is determined to perform on The HillBenders "Tommy" project and alongside the identical twins Alanna and Alicia Egan.

Episode 23: Plucking Around at the Folk Alliance International Music Festival

Randy talks to actor Lou Diamond Phillips about the Oscars and his upcoming film. The 33 is based on the true story of the 33 Chilean miners who were rescued after being trapped for 69 days in 2010. 

Episode 24: Golden Globe and Tony Award Nominee Lou Diamond Phillips

Dr. Don Potts talks about his never-released recordings and interview with Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong in 1958.  Dr. Potts also discusses launching high-fidelity stereo broadcasts for the first time in the Kansas City area in 1956.

Episode 25: Donald Potts, MD -His Interview with Louis Armstrong and more!

Randy has an odd conversation with "Coolest City" reporter.

Episode 26: KC Ranked "Coolest City"

Episode 13: Get Scattered, Smothered, Hot and Bothered at Waffle House on Valentine's Day

Randy gives the owner of a KC laundromat a chance to set the record straight related to some rough reviews on Yelp.

20 years ago, Randy Miller introduced Gregg Miller's Neuticles to the world.  In this episode Randy learns that these implants are utilized in 20,000 different animal clinics around the globe and were just featured on "Keeping Up with the Kardashian's" with their dog, Rocky.

Episode 15: The Kardashian's Newest Implants!

Episode 16: Oscar week with film critic, Shawn Edwards part 1

Episode 17: Oscar week with film critic, Shawn Edwards part 2

Randy talks to Louis Meyers, the co-founder of the South By Southwest Music Festival, about his decision to move to Kansas City with the International Folk Alliance.

Episode 18: Austin's SXSW Co-Founder and KC's International Folk Alliance Guru Louis Meyers

As a news anchor, Mark Alford has been coming into your home for years! You may not have realized it, but he would like to bring strangers into your home and sell it too! An anchorman who doesn't sleep much, Mark tells Randy about life on and off the camera.

As a news anchor, Mark Alford has been coming into your home for years! You may not have realized it, but he would like to bring strangers into your home and sell it too! An anchorman who doesn't sleep much, Mark tells Randy about life on and off the camera.

Episode 20: Anchorman Mark Alford, Part 2

Episode 19: Anchorman Mark Alford, Part 1

Randy has his eye on an Oscar this week!

Randy has his eye on an Oscar this week!

Episode 14: Yelp Help - "Dirty Laundry"

Randy learns love is in the air at Waffle House.

Randy talks to the Nace Bros about performing with Jimmy Buffet, Merle Haggard, Bo Diddley and others.

Episode 9: The Nace Brothers Unplugged, part 1

Randy talks to the Nace Bros about performing with Jimmy Buffet, Merle Haggard, Bo Diddley and others.

Episode 10: The Nace Brothers Unplugged, part 2

Among top stories including Sprint Shack, Tiger Woods missing tooth, and others, do not miss Randy's exclusive interview with Brian "Eye In The Sky" Williams. Also, don't miss "Counting Down The Hits" with Dandy Don Cheeseman.

Episode 11: Randy's EXCLUSIVE Interview with Brian Williams and More!

Randy's daughter, Charlsey talks about the comedy scene in Chicago and LA...and serenades listeners with great songs about farting.

Episode 12: Comedian Charlsey Miller

Randy continues talking to Greg Warren, from pine tar to hemorrhoids.

Episode 6: Comedian Greg Warren Part 2


Randy talks about BADvertisements (which doesn't include Randy's Bainstorm Media Commercials)

Episode 8: BADvertisements

Episode 5: Comedian Greg Warren Part 1

Randy talks to comedian Greg Warren about his recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Episode 4: Interview with Clay chastain continued

Randy interviews Clay Chastain and finds out his dreams for Kansas City and for all single women.

Episode 3: Clay chastain for mayor? or clay chastain for all single women

Randy interviews Clay Chastain and finds out his dreams for Kansas City and for all single women.

Episode 2: Jean hart returns

Astrologist Jean Hart comes on the show to reconnect with Randy and all the other stars and planets.

episode 1: back and 24/7

Randy explains where he's been, why his show is a necessary element, and what ever happened to the purse lady.

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