Randy Miller has spent his entire career in the magical world of radio. As a popular morning show host, he bounced around to some incredible places: Pittsburg, Atlanta, San Diego, Cincinnati, Chicago and most of all in Kansas City. He would be hired for his outrageous style, and then once the ratings were up, he'd be kicked out the door, only to be offered more money at another station across the street, or across the country. In 1998, Miller signed the richest contract in Kansas City media history, at the time, for nearly a million dollars a year. 10 years later, Miller was completely broke, nearly homeless and his radio career was over...or so he thought. How did everything come undone? And what lessons did he learn? Stay tuned.

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Prizes, Pranks, & the Purse LadyRandy Miller
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A podcast featuring the observations and comedy of radio veteran, Randy Miller and executive producer and man about town, Michael Seward.


Since his last radio station firing, Randy has finally found a way to keep a job: don't get one!  This is the new frontier for radio.....no rules, no boss, and no appointments....truly ON DEMAND!


Whether you're a newcomer or longtime listener, we hope you enjoy your 24/7 encounter with one of entertainment's quickest wits and curious minds. 


Thanks for listening!

RMR Special Edition: KC to Kiev
Everything about this show is a STRETCH!

RMR in 77 Seconds

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