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A podcast featuring the observations and comedy of radio veteran, Randy Miller and executive producer and man about town, Michael Seward.


Since his last radio station firing, Randy has finally found a way to keep a job: don't get one! This is the new frontier for rules, no boss, and no appointments....truly ON DEMAND!


Whether you're a newcomer or longtime listener, we hope you enjoy your 24/7 encounter with one of entertainment's quickest wits and curious minds. 


Thanks for listening!

From Puppy Love to Randy Rage,
Donny Osmond Tells All
Jackson County Executive Frank White
New Stadiums, Property Taxes and more.  Batter up!
Super Bowl Memories and a Toby Tribute
A Limber You'll Remember: 
Randy Enters the Stretch Zone
Randy and Michael's Personal Eras Tour
From recent travels across the states, to a new budding local star,
grab your 
RMR friendship bracelet and help these guys shake it off! 
Unstable and Shocking with Rob Lowe and Cast!
Keanu Reeves Talks John Wick:  Chapter 4

RMR in 77 Seconds

It only took Randy 32 years...
Join us for a celebration of a lifetime and meet the man who helped make it all possible!
It's Hump Day with KC Top Chef / Owner and Founder of Va-Hi, Renee Kelly
Serving those who have served us
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With a mission to inform, entertain, and honor our active-duty military, veterans, and those who support them, Randy Miller also hosts what is referred to as the "USO of Radio" thru The National Defense Network.  We are grateful to our military, veterans, those who support them and the selfless men and women who gave all.

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